Bridge construction

Road construction

Industrial construction


Underground construction

From the first days of the full-scale war until today, Autostrada directs efforts to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to strengthen its defence capabilities, and to rebuild the country.

We work in all regions where hostilities have been or are still ongoing. In the front-line areas, roads and bridges become "ways of life", providing access to medical aid, evacuation of the population, movement of military equipment and humanitarian goods. Often, road and bridge builders start their important work immediately after pyrotechnic units.


Autostrada, performing strategic tasks, conducts work on the reconstruction of complex engineering structures and participates in the protection of energy facilities.

Over 2,000 km of roads and over 200 bridge crossings were repaired, and 50 infrastructure facilities were restored during the full-scale invasion.


From December 2023, Autostrada will restore the transfer tunnel between the Kyiv metro stations "Demiivska" and "Lybidska". The movement of trains in the section between these stations has been stopped due to flooding and the appearance of cracks in the tunnel frame blocks. The geometry of the structure was disturbed, there was a risk of collapse. Therefore, after carrying out the necessary surveys and studies, it was decided to dismantle the emergency section of the tunnel and build a new one on this site - monolithic, with an open method of rectangular section. Restoring the subway is a strategic task for the company. After all, the subway is a dual-purpose object that performs extremely important functions: transport and protection, reliably sheltering people during shelling.


Automobile bridge over the river Desna near Chernihiv
The first stage of the Podilsko-Voskresensky bridge
Overpass on Chernihiv bypass road
Bridge over the river Seim near Baturyn
Bridge over the river Irsha on Warsaw highway (Zhytomyr region)
The left-bank road junction of Darnytskyi bridge in Kyiv


Autostrada is building a world-class Ukrainian road network.


Autostrada carries out major repairs, construction and operational maintenance of roads.


In the pre-war year 2021, Autostrada was building 70 facilities simultaneously. We repaired more than 800 kilometers of roads. In particular, in 80 days, Nemyriv - Yampil road with a length of 125 km was built with road surface extension works. As of today, more than 2,000 km of roads have been repaired.


Thanks to our own mobile asphalt plants and mobile laboratories, we can start work on a new facility in a short time. A fleet of equipment from the world's best manufacturers and a team of professionals with many years of experience guarantee high-quality construction and restoration of highways.




Excavation, laying of drainage channels, and erection of embankments are carried out during earthworks. Our specialists perform an analysis of the soil system taking into account


During preparation for major or pit repairs, the asphalt concrete sheet is milled — this is a partial removal of the top layer, which improves the grip of the wheels on the road surface and reduces the risk of road accidents. The removed layer of asphalt is used to strengthen the base of the road surface.

Cold recycling

The cold recycling method involves processing the materials of the old road surface and placing it on the lower layers of the road. The technology consists in crushing the top layer of the surface with its further stabilization with the help of bitumen impregnations. Asphalt pavement repair is much cheaper due to the reuse of road clothing.

Asphalt laying

Asphalt is laid in many layers using technology that meets the European standards. The work is carried out by modern VÖGELE asphalt pavers and HAMM rollers with strict adherence to all technological requirements.

Quality guarantee

We control quality at every stage and guarantee reliable road operation for 10 years.

Про Контроль якості

Traffic safety

The company carries out traffic safety work on its own, in particular, installation of barriers, lighting, road signs, curbs, markings, equipping sidewalks, public transport stops, as well as building platforms for dimensional and weight control.


Autostrada performs works on the construction and reconstruction of bridges and artificial structures of any complexity. More than 100 bridge crossings have been built and restored.


Own design team, own production facilities and the latest equipment from the world's leading manufacturers allow us to implement the most complex objects in the shortest possible time.

Stages of bridge construction


1. Geodetic and geological works.

2. Bridge design.

3. Erection of the foundation. Depending on the project, the foundation can be shallow (placed on the natural base of the soil) or deep (pile foundation).

4. In parallel with the execution of the foundation works, the approaches are arranged.

5. Arrangement of grillage— the upper part of the pile foundation, which distributes the load on the foundation. The grillage connects pile heads and serves as a supporting structure for the construction of support elements.

6. Erection of supports that are installed on the grillage.

7. Installation of the riegel, which takes the pressure from the span structure and transfers the load to the body and foundation.

8. Installation of supporting parts.

9. Installation of the span structure (can be of different types depending on the design: reinforced concrete, steel-iron, steel).

10. Installation of a monolithic reinforcement plate (in the case of a reinforced concrete span structure).

11. Painting of span structures of the bridge.

12. Waterproofing of the span structure.

13. Laying asphalt.

14. Installation of railing and barrier fencing.


We are rebuilding Ukraine!


Autostrada is engaged in the construction of mainline water supply systems.


One of these projects is the large-scale construction of a water supply system in Dnipropetrovsk region, where almost a million people remain without centralized water supply as a result of the russians blowing up Kakhovka HPP dam.


Autostrada designs infrastructure facilities of any complexity:

• roads

• bridges

• industrial facilities


Autostrada performs work from all stages of designing road and civil engineering objects, surveying the state of highways and artificial structures, certification, assessment of the state of highways with the development of a program of repair measures and a strategy for the development of highways.


More than 100 professional engineers work in the team.


During the full-scale invasion of the russian federation, Autostrada specialists are also working on the implementation of projects aimed at ensuring the livelihood of the cities and settlements of Ukraine, the restoration and protection of our State.


Design stages:

• Feasibility study

• Project

• Working project

• Working documentation.


Chief project engineers have extensive experience in design (from 15 to 45 years) and use their experience taking into account today's realities of the development of building materials and structures.


The principles on which the design is based:

• security;

• convenience; 

• comfort;

• availability; 

• economic feasibility; 

• impact on the environment; 

• strength and reliability.