Avtostrada is to install a new almost 50 m long culvert on Trostyanetska Balka


In the Chernihiv region, Avtostrada continues to overhaul the section of the road H-07 "Kiev - Sumy - Yunakivka" in the area of ​​the town of Sribne. Here the road passes through Trostyanetska beam with a complex relief and slopes.

The Trostyanetska beam actually serves as a dam, as there are ponds on both sides of it. The water area of the upper pond is more than 100 hectares. Prior to the repairs, the water-permeable hydraulic structure was in a state of emergency, which posed a threat of flooding.

Carrying out repairs on this section required a complex set of works. Avtostrada's professionals updated the 15-meter-high embankment of the beam, carried out large-scale earthworks - a total of 40,000 cubic meters of soil were used. This will allow to arrange additional lanes for climbing in both directions, which is important for traffic in winter period.

Currently, a new corrugated pipe 47 meters long and more than two meters in diameter is being built, which will allow water to flow from the upper pond to the lower one. A sandblasting device will also be installed, which will allow regulating the water level in the upper pond and its pressure on the earth mound. We will strengthen the shoreline with the help of rubble stone.

Upon completion of the works with the culvert on Trostyanetska Beam, new pavement with modern asphalt-concrete pavement will be installed.

During the peak periods of work on the site, about 30 units of equipment and more than 50 Avtostrada employees were involved.

In the current road construction season, Avtostrada is restoring a number of H-07 sections with a total length of more than 60 kilometers. Some of them are almost ready for commissioning.