Systematic assistance to Ukrainian army units

Over 1.34 billion UAH donated to the needs of the military


Transparent business practices

Every year, Autostrada undergoes an audit of its financial statements for compliance with international standards (IFRS).


Conscientious tax payment

Autostrada is one of the largest taxpayers in the road sector


Taking care of the environment

The company's asphalt plants are equipped with modern dry filters in line with European environmental standards. The company uses clean, energy-saving and gentle cold recycling technology.



Since its inception, Autostrada has been systematically helping children in difficult life circumstances, taking care of orphanages and medical institutions. It organises donor and volunteer initiatives.


Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Autostrada has systematically assisted the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


More than UAH 1,37 billion has been allocated to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, the following needs are provided on an ongoing basis to the:

• Logistics Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,

• Centre Air Command,

• 3rd Separate Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,

• 38th Separate Marine Corps Brigade,

• 59th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade,

• Azov NGU Brigade,

• Khartiia NGU Brigade

• Azov Patronage Service and other military units.


Thousands of our employees work in extremely difficult conditions, paving "roads of life" and restoring destroyed objects. Sometimes even at the cost of one's own life. On October 12, 2022, Bohdan Shvediuk and Oleksandr Stetsenko died as a result of a russian mine detonation. While defending the country, 10 company employees died at the front.

After the start of the great war, about a thousand specialists of the company joined the defence of Ukraine. We are waiting for their return after the Victory in order to continue the reconstruction of Ukraine together.


Humanitarian headquarters

With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Autostrada created humanitarian headquarters to organize the delivery of aid to the regions of Ukraine affected by russian aggression. Autostrada provided payment for the delivery of humanitarian aid from the EU and the distribution of this aid in the regions of Ukraine most affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war.


Only in the first month of the war, 70 trucks of humanitarian aid were delivered from the European countries to cities/towns where active hostilities were taking place.