Another batch of thermal imagers for the 38th separate brigade of marines


The Ukrainian military is preparing for a counteroffensive. During this period, it is especially important that units are provided with everything necessary for conducting active combat operations!

The necessary equipment worth more than UAH 40 million was handed over to the 38th brigade of the Armed Forces:

- thermal imaging monoculars E3MAX V3;

- DELTA PVS-mini night vision monoculars;

- portable monoculars with PVS 7 and PVS 14 night vision devices.

- added night vision PVS -14 Armasight N14 3 autogated pinnacle multi purpose

The Delta PVS-mini night vision monocular is one of the lightest, weighing only 245g, based on a Gen3 high frequency lamp and IR illuminator.

The E3MAX V3 thermal imaging monoculars have one of the highest detection range indicators.

Strong, lightweight and multi-purpose PVS-7 and PVS-14 have proven themselves excellently in the performance of combat missions in the most difficult conditions, accepted as the world military standard among night vision devices for 40 years.

These devices immediately go to the front to help our soldiers see the rashists and systematically send them to where they are most expected!

The "Autostrada" group of companies systematically provides Ukrainian defenders with military equipment, machinery, and transport. We will continue to help our soldiers with everything necessary for Victory!