Autostrada rebuilt the overpass near Chernihiv on the M-01 route Kyiv - Chernihiv - Novi Yarylovichi


The bridge was damaged during hostilities in the region in the spring of 2022. The restoration of the bridge was carried out in stages so as not to completely block traffic, because the overpass plays an important role in the logistics of the region - first of all, in connecting the regional center with the communities on the right bank of the Desna River. A large amount of traffic from Chernihiv to Kyiv also runs through this bridge. Our team started the major renovation of the building last fall. During this time, the Autostrada bridge builders:

- dismantled damaged structural elements;

-repaired the struts of the bridge supports, 7 of them, which suffered the most damage, were completely replaced;

- new bolts were installed;

- they mounted the span structure;

- made a monolithic slab;

- step marches were restored;

- reinforced cones;

- arranged drainage;

- laid an asphalt concrete surface;

- approaches to the bridge were repaired;

- installed a metal barrier and a washing fence.