Chernihiv. The first stage of the assembled part of the metal span structure of the bridge across the Desna River channel is completed

The length of this part of the bridge span is 293 metres (the lower branch of the bridge).
Currently, Autostrada bridge builders are dismantling the advance beam, a temporary cantilevered guide structure used in the construction of metal bridge spans using the longitudinal sliding method.
The remaining elements of this metal span structure will be mounted on solid scaffolding and temporary support packages. So far, the extended span structure is well above its design marks. Soon, our team will start an equally challenging and interesting process - lowering the extended span structure and setting it on the support parts using special jacks. The process of lowering the structures will take place in 6 stages and will last 2-3 weeks.
At the same time, the other part of the bridge's metal girder structure (the upper branch of the bridge) is being assembled on the slipway and the process of moving this part of the metal girder structure across the riverbed will begin shortly.
We plan to complete the construction of the new bridge in 2024.