Autostrada completes the construction of a road in Khmelnytskyi, near Bakota


Autostrada is completing the construction of a road in the Khmelnytsky region, near Bakota.

The road was damaged by floods in western Ukraine in 2008. All this time, there was virtually no pavement here, with pieces of old cobblestone laid instead of asphalt.

Our employees began work on the site in the summer:

  • levelled the pavement with a gravel-sand mixture;
  • installed curbstones on the roadside;
  • made sidewalks and installed road signs;
  • arranged a drainage system;
  • asphalt concrete pavement and road markings.

We are currently building a new crossing on this section (to replace the temporary bridge that was built immediately after the 2008 flood), which has two 36-metre pipes for water passage. The pipes consist of individual elements - corrugated sheets bent to specified radii and joined together with high-strength bolts - and do not require additional maintenance and have a service life of more than 100 years. Such pipes are the main alternative to reinforced concrete structures in the construction of artificial structures. The pipes are easy and quick to install - within 2 weeks. It takes another 2 weeks to concrete and build the embankment of the future road over them. The use of such pipes allows us to optimise construction costs and time, as it would have taken at least six months to build a bridge here.

We plan to complete the work in December.

We are rebuilding Ukraine!