Autostrada completed the construction of two exits of the left-bank junction of the Darnytsky Bridge


An important project for both Kyiv and the company. Before we started the work, the bridge stood as a long-term building for more than 15 years. Residents of Kyiv and guests of the city could not use the full potential of this building, as it was foreseen in the project. The problem of connecting the right and left banks of the capital became even more acute with the beginning of a full-scale invasion, when traffic was restricted on the South Bridge.

In October 2021, Autostrada concluded a contract for the construction of two exits to the Dnipro Embankment. We started construction in November, but the war intervened. However, construction resumed in May 2022.

Despite the martial law, air raids and shelling, our team of over a hundred specialists and 50 pieces of equipment did not slow down the pace of work. We carried out construction around the clock, using our own working capital, as funding from the state was limited. But we faced an important task - to speed up the opening of the exits as much as possible, balance the traffic on the Left Bank and relieve other metropolitan bridges.

During construction, the following works were performed:

- construction of two exits: towards the Patona bridge with a length of 280 m and towards Bazhan Avenue with a length of 830 m.

- arrangement of 36 traffic junction pillars;

- construction of prefabricated reinforced concrete structures of the retaining walls of the exits from the bridge;

-laying 8740 sq. m. m of asphalt pavement on exits;

- installation of a barrier and guardrail;

- installation of a modern lighting system.

Starting today, drivers will finally be able to use the conveniences of the left-bank intersection of the Darnytsky Bridge and get from the right bank to the left bank faster!