AUTOSTRADA group of companies is modernizing equipment for the operational maintenance of roads in the winter period


KDM machines were equipped with new rotary dumpers and salt spreaders from the German company STAINMANN.

What is the advantage of STAINMANN dumps:

can work at extremely low temperatures - up to minus 20 and below;

function autonomously - on their own engines;

have a strong snow removal blade that can withstand intense loads during heavy snowstorms,

the dump blade is made of HARDOX material and fixed with FIBER nuts, consists of three identical plates, which are interchangeable as they wear;

thanks to the supporting system, the blade rotates horizontally and vertically, and also, depending on the slope of the road surface, is extended;

the hydraulic power required to move the blade function is activated by the truck's hydraulic system;

easily mounted and dismantled, have a convenient storage system.

What is the advantage of STAINMANN salt spreaders:

high accuracy of adjusting the height, width and amount of material being spread;

the control system covers all functions of the salt spreader;

the automatic control and design of the spreading unit does not allow the material to reach the truck.

This year's military winter promises to be snowy and frosty. But our road workers are ready for any of its challenges. After all, safe roads are the key to uninterrupted and timely delivery of goods, coordinated work of the rear and reliable support of the front.