Work on the restoration of the overpass near Nizhyn in Chernihiv Oblast, which was destroyed in the spring of 2022, has been completed


Autostrada rebuilt the bridge practically from scratch in record time - in just 4 months.
Our team visited this facility at the end of the summer. First, they started dismantling the damaged span structure and supports, disassembled the approaches to the bridge, beds, transitional slabs, cabinet walls, hatches and undercarriages. During the dismantling of the damaged structures, it turned out that the grid (the upper part of the foundation, which distributes the load on the base) of one of the intermediate supports was also torn off, which also had to be dismantled in the end.
After that, the Autostrada bridge builders actually built a new bridge: they concreted a new grid on one of the intermediate piers, on the intermediate piers they built new support racks, new crossbars and trusses, on the extreme piers - new cabinet walls, openings, beds, transition plates, trusses. Mounted supporting parts, beams (21 m and 15 m), concreted monolithic slab, sidewalks. They installed cones on the extreme supports, waterproofing, drainage, and asphalt concrete covering of the roadway. A protective coating was applied to the sidewalks and road markings.
The reconstruction of the overpass was carried out in difficult conditions. Due to the fact that the construction crosses an electrified railway track, it was necessary to transfer communications, work at night, in specially designated technological "windows", when the movement of trains was completely stopped and the contact network was disconnected on this run.
After the building was blown up, drivers had to drive tens of kilometers on local roads to reach their destination. Today, the overpass has been fully restored.