Restoration of the distillation tunnel between "Lybidska" and "Demiivska": Autostrada builders opened the tunnel's concrete vault


The dismantling of the emergency section of the tunnel will take place in several stages: first, we will disassemble all the upper frame blocks (above the horizontal axis), then we will start dismantling the lower frame blocks (below the horizontal axis). The stability of the structure during this process will be ensured by special telescopic racks installed inside the tunnel. We are also arranging the third tier of the spacer system for fastening the pit.
Preparations for strengthening the parts of the tunnel adjacent to the accident site on both sides have begun. They will be strengthened with a monolithic concrete "shirt". Before installing reinforcement, it is necessary to fix the soil around the tunnel framework by injecting chemical solutions behind the prefabricated framework, as well as repair cracks in the prefabricated framework and hammer out the seams with waterproofing materials.
At the same time, work on the reinforcement of the end walls continues. These walls are arranged to protect against soil and water at the end parts of the site to be dismantled, as well as to increase safety, prevent landslides, floaters and the possibility of further work.
The restoration of the tunnel of the Obolonsko-Teremkivska line of the Kyiv metro is carried out 24/7.