The main water pipeline on the section "Zaporizhia-Tomakivka-Maranets" is ready to be launched


The main water pipeline on the section "Zaporizhia-Tomakivka-Manganets" is ready for launch!
The network is fully assembled, the length of which is 77.9 km. Including 6 pumping stations, 46 chambers for venting air, 47 chambers for draining water from the system, 16 chambers for switching the flow of water in the system, 3 chambers of the meter, 1 chamber for distributing the flow of water between networks.
During February, Autostrada specialists pumped water between pumping stations. In this way, it was checked how the system works under an average working pressure of 4 atmospheres, its integrity was tested, flushing and air bleeding were carried out.
How the new waterworks will work: water will be taken from the Dnipro River in Zaporizhzhia, from there it will be supplied through a constructed network to the city of Marganets to a pumping and filtering station, where it will be purified and distributed to consumers through existing networks.
The operation of the water pump is provided by diesel generators so far. The system will not be able to work on them all the time. Therefore, we are waiting for a decision regarding the determination of the balance holder, the transfer of the water supply to the balance sheet and the conclusion of contracts for provision of constant voltage. For this purpose, new power supply lines to pumping stations - 26 km long - were built. After connection, we will fully automate the operation of the water pump and conduct hydraulic tests. Immediately after connecting the system to a constant power source, water will be supplied to subscribers - residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region (Marganetska, Myrivska, Shirokivska, Tomakivska communities and the city of Nikopol), local hospitals, schools, and kindergartens.
The main water pipeline is, without exaggeration, an unprecedented large-scale project and very important in view of the humanitarian disaster in the region due to the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP dam. Understanding this, Autostrada directed the maximum amount of resources to its implementation.
The construction of the object lasted for 7 months in a 24/7 mode and did not stop for a single day!
Thanks to the team for the coordinated work!