The Autostrada team works on one of the hottest destinations - Kupyansk-Lymansk in Kharkiv region


From the place of work to the front line - 20 kilometers. We are fulfilling the task of the military - to repair the front-line "road of life" as quickly as possible, which leads to one of the hottest areas of the front, through which military and humanitarian goods move 24/7, the wounded are evacuated, ambulances and emergency services are on their way! The total length of the section under repair is more than 80 km. We carry out the work at our own expense! Due to the fact that large-sized equipment moves intensively on this road, the road surface is in critical condition. With such an intensity of hostilities, speed is very important, and in off-road conditions this is impossible. When evacuating the wounded - every minute counts! Understanding the complexity of the situation, Autostrada employees work many times faster than the planned schedule. The work is being carried out by the team that restored the "roads of life" in Izyum and Balaklia in the first days of de-occupation. Then the boys had to actually work in a minefield. Now the team is repairing the road in no less dangerous conditions - there is not a single surviving house nearby, enemy drones are hovering over the site, and the arrivals of guided aerial bombs are nearby.