Building the distillation tunnel between the Kyiv metro stations "Demiivska" and "Lybidska"


Autostrada hired more than 500 underground construction specialists to work on the project. Currently, the tunnel reconstruction project is being developed by 3 groups of designers. All these specialists have many years of experience in subway construction.
The movement of trains in the section between these stations has been stopped due to flooding and the appearance of cracks in the tunnel frame blocks. The geometry of the structure was disturbed, there was a risk of collapse. Therefore, after carrying out the necessary surveys and studies, it was decided to dismantle the emergency section of the tunnel (the length of which is about 27 m) and to build a new one in this place - a monolithic one, with an open method of rectangular section.
Last December, our team stabilized the existing tunnel structure from the inside using special metal scaffolding (which can withstand loads of up to 15 t/m2) so that the tunnel no longer sags.
Currently, restoration work is being carried out both inside the tunnel and outside. After all engineering networks have been moved, development of the pit will begin to dismantle the damaged tunnel structures. We are currently drilling piles, on top of which a relief plate will be made to minimize the load on the tunnel. Heavy equipment will work on this slab - in particular, a drilling rig, which will drill the wall into the ground in the manner of piles to prevent water from entering the pit.
More than 30 units of our own special equipment are involved.
We perform all work independently, without the involvement of subcontractors!
We plan to complete the restoration of the distillation tunnel between the Demiivska and Lybidska stations in the fall of 2024.