Autostrada put into operation the Zaporizhzhia-Tomakivka-Manganets water main


Water is already supplied from Zaporizhia to the pumping and filtering station in Marganets (first branch), where it is purified and distributed to consumers - in Marganetsk, Myrivsk, Shirokivsk, Tomakivsk communities. The second branch will supply water to Nikopol, Pokrovske and Chervonogrihorivka (Dnipropetrovsk region).
Autostrada completed the construction of the water line and its preparation for launch back in February. All this time, we had to wait for the determination of the balancer of the object and for the provision of constant voltage.
The modern water supply system is fully automated and computerized, currently it is fully working from a source of permanent electricity supply. A centralized operator's control point for the entire water pipeline was created - based on the elemental base of modern automation equipment and data transmission systems. This allows you to minimize the involvement of operative personnel and increase the reliability and efficiency of the water pump.
Autostrada built the highway water main from scratch in 7 months - from design to implementation. This is a record short period. Only the development of projects of this level takes up to a year and a half. We didn't have that time, considering the humanitarian catastrophe in which the region found itself due to the undermining of the Kakhovskaya HPP.
At the same time, designing, obtaining technical conditions, approvals and permits and the actual construction continued - designers, surveyors, builders worked harmoniously and in parallel - directly on the site, in a 24/7 mode!
The length of the network is 77.9 km. The design capacity of the water pump is 150,000 m3 of water per day. It was important to ensure the intake of water from the Dnipro - the largest Ukrainian river, which has a constant flow of living water. Since access to the Dnieper channel is limited in many areas due to constant enemy shelling, it was decided to take water from Zaporizhzhia - a large industrial city with a difficult terrain. The designers actually drew the routes according to the maps, because filming would take a lot of time. And only after the track was laid, all this was specified by geodesy. In order to install pipes where it is impossible in an open way - under highways, railways and rivers - punctures were carried out by the method of horizontal drilling - a drilling rig drills a well into which a case in the form of a steel pipe is pulled, after which a fiberglass pipe is pulled into this case.
The object was built:
- 6 water pumping stations. Each pumping station is equipped with four powerful pumping units (from 315 kW to 800 kW). The volume of water that the pumps can pump is up to 3300 m3 per hour,
- 46 "Vantuz" chambers (for bleeding air in the network),
- 47 "Discharge" chambers (for draining water from the system),
- 16 switching chambers (for switching the flow of water in the system between pipeline threads),
- 3 counter cameras,
- 1 distribution chamber (for distribution of water flow between networks - from network 800mm to 500mm/700mm).
In order to ensure the power supply of the emergency power station, a total of 26 kilometers of main and backup power supply lines of 6kV and 35kV networks were built, respectively, transformer substations with a voltage of 6/0.4 kV and 35/0.4 kW were installed at each emergency power station.
To ensure uninterrupted voltage supply, as an alternative (reserve) power source, 2 diesel generators with a capacity of up to 1 MW are installed at each substation.
Fiberglass pipes made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester were used in the construction of the water main. Such pipes can withstand pressure up to 26 atmospheres, they are light and durable - more resistant to high temperatures and chemical reagents.
To protect the water supply from shelling, almost the entire system of main pipelines and pumping stations is hidden underground.
At the end of the works, the roads used by construction machinery were repaired, the territories were landscaped, and landscaping was carried out.