Autostrada entered the top 10 companies in terms of support for the Armed Forces


Since the full-scale invasion, more than ❗️1.4 billion hryvnias of direct financial aid have been allocated to units of the defense sector and about ❗️3 billion hryvnias of taxes have been paid to the budgets of all levels, hundreds of tasks have been completed that increase the state's defense capability!

On an ongoing basis, we support:

Patronage service "Azov"
The third separate assault brigade
15 "Steel Border" MPZ
38 separate amphibious assault brigade
59 separate mechanized brigade
Center Air Command
12th Brigade of the National Guard "Azov"
13th Brigade of the National Guard "Charter"
28 separate mechanized brigade
67 separate mechanized brigade
53 separate mechanized brigade
Command of the logistics forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine