Autostrada is the first to complete the construction of the main water pipeline in Dnipropetrovsk region


Our team built the largest section of the water line - 77 km out of the total 145 km.
On February 1, water was pumped between pumping stations - VNS-1 and VNS-2, thus we are checking how the network works under working pressure - it is an average of 4 atmospheres.
This week, we plan to launch water between VNS-2 and VNS-3.
Next, we plan to pump water weekly between the pumping stations and by February 24, we will finish running the water along the entire length.
At the same time, work on the start-up of the water pump, for operation in fully automatic mode, continues.
There are 6 pumping stations installed at the facility. Each station is equipped with four powerful pumps (from 315 kW to 800 kW). The volume of water that will be pumped by the pumps is 3300 m3 per hour.
26 km of main and reserve power supply lines and 6 transformer substations with a capacity of 35 kW were built to power the pumping stations.
At each pumping station, alternative power sources of 2 diesel generators with a capacity of 1 MW are installed (to ensure uninterrupted power supply of substations).
Also, 46 "Vantuz" chambers (for bleeding air in the network), 47 "Discharge" chambers (for draining water from the system), and 16 switching chambers (for switching the flow of water in the system between pipeline threads) were built on the pipeline network, as well as 1 distribution camera (for distribution of water flow between networks - from network 800mm to 500mm/700mm).
Already in the spring, more than a million residents of the Dnipropetrovsk region, who were left without centralized water supply due to the destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP, will receive water.
Works on the construction of the water pipeline were carried out 24/7, without days off!