Autostrada is building the second stage of the Podilsko-Voskresensky Bridge in the direction of Roman Shukhevych Avenue


The second stage involves the construction of a tunnel under the railway and an access road that will connect the bridge with the Troeshchyna housing estate.
The tunnel will pass under the railway between Rusanivskyi and Voskresenskyi Gardens, next to the station of the city train "Troyeshchyna-2". Its length will be 90 meters. The tunnel is being built in an open way. An embankment bounded by a sheet pile fence has already been installed, and work is underway to install bored piles for the future walls of the tunnel. The construction of the tunnel will be carried out in 2 stages, so as not to stop the movement of trains on the railway.
The tunnel will connect the exit from the Podilsko-Voskresensky bridge with the new road under the turning ring of the Troeshchyna high-speed tram, which we are building in parallel. Traffic on this road is planned to be opened in both directions. At present, work is ongoing on the installation of monolithic concrete for the construction of retaining walls that separate the road to the tunnel from the tram tracks.
More than 200 workers and more than 50 units of specialized equipment are involved in the construction of the second phase of the Podilsky Bridge.