The construction of the overpass over the railway near Mykolaiv was completed


This bridge was destroyed on March 2, 2022 during the defense of Mykolaiv to cut off the approach to the city. The highway was blown up with the Russian tank that drove onto it. The undermining of the bridge completely blocked the passage of the column of enemy vehicles.
In a few months, the Autostrada bridge builders completely restored the structure:
-damaged structures of the overpass were dismantled;
- drove piles on supports;
- new grills and nozzles were installed;
- they installed new support racks, new crossbars and undercarriage;
- on country supports - new cabinet walls with openings, bed and transitional slabs;
- mounted the beams of the span structure of our own production;
- concreted the monolithic slab of the span structure;
- curb stone and eaves blocks were installed;
- concreted sidewalks;
- guard rails and barriers, road signs, cones on the extreme supports were installed;
- installed waterproofing, drainage and asphalt concrete covering of the roadway.
Traffic on the bridge will be open for all types of transport.