Traffic is open on the first line of the main road from the Kyiv highway to Chernihiv!


The second stage is at the final stage of construction. Complete handover of the facility with all approaches and junctions is planned for November 2024.
This is one of the most complex objects that Autostrada has developed, designed and implemented in record time - in just 2 years, while only the design of this type of object usually takes at least 2 years. GIPs and architects of the Autostrada project institute have thought out in detail both technical parameters and architectural parameters - with bends and extensions. Architectural lighting was installed - with lampshades and panels depicting the historical sights of Chernihiv. A number of measures are being implemented at the entrances. Traffic junctions are being built on each side so that local residents can get to the right direction without any obstacles. On the Kyiv side, an underpass was built for the safety of pedestrians. Noise protection screens will be installed near residential buildings. Passes for people with reduced mobility are provided. Instead of traditional asphalt concrete, the roadway is covered with asphalt. It is stronger and waterproof. Under gusasphalt - rubber-based waterproofing, which can withstand any temperature changes and does not crack, which generally makes such a road surface as durable as possible.
The object is being built according to the DESIGN&BUILD principle. This system allows you to make project decisions directly at the construction site, when designers and builders work in parallel. DESIGN&BUILD allows you to build such complex objects much faster. Construction required ensuring not only automobile traffic, but also suitable conditions for shipping. Therefore, we proposed a comprehensive approach - the navigable part (106-meter span over the river bed) was made of metal, and the spans above the banks - monolithic reinforced concrete with post-tensioning.
In order to speed up the construction and bypass the nature of the raging river, which flooded the construction site twice, we installed the metal girders in the channel using the push-on method - all the structural elements were collected on the shore, on special steppes, and then pushed on the ready supports with the help of jacks.
It was possible to speed up the construction of the reinforced concrete part of the facility. Concreting was divided into several stages, which made it possible to concrete the mouths and transition slabs earlier, without waiting for the span to be concreted. On October 17, 2023, the builders of Autostrada even entered the Book of Records of Ukraine, concreting the longest solid monolithic span structure with a length of 122,493 m.