Starting to dismantle the emergency section of the tunnel between the metro stations "Demiivska" and "Lybidska"


We are rebuilding the transfer tunnel between the Kyiv metro stations "Demiivska" and "Lybidska": the transfer of communications has been completed on the 27-meter emergency section inside the tunnel, we are starting to dismantle the tracks and scaffolding, we are breaking up the track concrete - we are preparing the emergency section for dismantling.

A relief plate has already been installed on the outside above the tunnel to reduce pressure on the tunnel and allow heavy construction equipment to move. We continue drilling the wall in the soil by the method of piles. This system of piles will form a solid concrete wall that will hold the soil and prevent water from entering the future pit. Due to the fact that the soils in this place are quite complex, saturated with water, they need to be additionally stabilized. Therefore, we will soon start chemical soil stabilization. This process will be carried out with the help of special chemicals that are injected into the soil under pressure.

Only after the integrity of the pit structure is completely ensured, the opening of the tunnel will begin. We will completely dismantle the 27-meter emergency section of the old tunnel and build a new one - a monolithic one with a rectangular cross-section.

The parts of the old tunnel, which are adjacent to the accident site on both sides, will be additionally strengthened from the inside with a so-called supporting reinforced concrete jacket. In fact, it will be a pipe made of concrete, which will completely repeat the rounded geometry of the tunnel, which will generally strengthen the problem area.

Before starting construction work on this facility, we turned to the research institute "Energoproekt", which performed engineering-geological and engineering-hydrogeological investigations and provided the designers with initial data on the conditions of the problematic section of the tunnel. According to the institute's expertise, the groundwater level above the tunnel has not changed significantly during the entire period of the tunnel's operation (i.e., since 2010) and is currently 5-6 m. All work is performed in accordance with project decisions, which are based on the conclusions of the expertise, which took into account all hydrological conditions, including the maximum rise of groundwater.

We work at the facility 24/7.