Autostrada has completed the construction of a 311-meter bridge near Sarn on the M-07 international highway Kyiv-Kovel-Yagodin, which is one of the main routes to the EU


The decision to overhaul the 53-year-old bridge across the Sluch River in Sarny in the Rivne region was made due to the extremely dilapidated state of the structure and the critical need to restore full-fledged transport connections in the region, since the bridge was closed.
In fact, Autostrada completely dismantled the old structure and built a new modern bridge with a larger dimension in its place: the width of the new bridge is 14.2 m (the width of the old one was 11.7 m). The size of the bridge was increased due to the expansion of the carriageway, which will now include a sidewalk and a bicycle path (the former bridge provided only a narrow service passage).
What works were performed:
- dismantling of all supports, beams and roadway of the old bridge;
- construction of new piers with extended crossbars (13 intermediate and 2 coastal ones);
- installation of a reinforced concrete span structure (112 beams 22 m long were installed);
- concreting of the monolithic slab of the span structure;
- arrangement of waterproofing, drainage and asphalt concrete covering of the roadway;
- installation of a modern lighting system;
-installation of handrails and barriers, road signs.
While the construction of the bridge continued, the movement of cars was carried out by a temporary technological crossing, which was built in the summer of 2023, and by a bypass road.
The opening of the bridge is important, as it will significantly speed up logistics, in particular military and humanitarian cargo.
All work was carried out 24/7 and was completed in 7 months!