24/7 building the largest bridge complex on the Desna River near Chernigov


We are completing an important stage of construction - we are installing the metal span structure (lower branch) of the bridge on the supporting parts in its design position.
The process of lowering the span structure lasted about a month in 6 stages.
How did it happen? The metal structure, after being assembled on the slipway and longitudinally pushed, was installed on temporary support packages. The height of one resting place was about 1.6 m. Resting was done using stock metal bags, the height of each bag was 12 cm. With the help of 150-ton and 200-ton jacks, successively on each support, the structure was raised by 15 cm and one support package was dismantled from each support point, until the girder structure stood on the support parts - in its permanent place.
Already in the spring, we should open the lower branch of the bridge to traffic!
Currently, the bridge builders are mounting the embedded parts under the wash and barrier fence. Soon we will start concreting the monolithic reinforced concrete span structure in the axes of supports 1-3 (the left branch of the bridge) - on the "Kyiv" side.
In parallel, the process of pushing the metal beam of the second (top) branch of the bridge across the channel of the Desna takes place. This is one of the most time-consuming stages of work on an artificial structure. It is carried out with the help of powerful hydraulic jacks, which push the metal structures forward onto the supports. As of today, 149 of the 303 linear meters have been pushed.
We plan to complete the construction of the bridge complex on Desna by the end of 2024!